Why I want to make a documentary on Civil War Reenactors…

Hi! I’m Megan! This is me.

First of all I am so excited to be getting this project moving. My partner, Nick, and I have been tossing this idea around since August and finally everything is falling into place. After meeting Nick’s good friend, who happens to be a reeenactor himself,  I became more and more fascinated with why people enjoy being cold and hungry for days at a time. This is when it was suggested to me to read Confederates in the Attic by Tony Horwitz. After I got over the hideous book cover I dove in. It opened up a whole world for me. I loved the stories and the people he met in his adventures. I wanted to do something like this but different, put the reeanctors on camera, let them tell their story, understand why this event in history is so important to them.

Now sadly, before I began working on this I knew the bare basics of the Civil War. I know, disappointing, especially since I was born and raised in Georgia. However,  I realized that I never had to study the Civil War during school. So once my research began I was hooked. I found old documents, photos and letters written by soldiers, which made the Civil War more personal and easier to relate to. I learned that several of my family members were involved in the Civil War. Some even fled Tennessee to avoid the fight. I was understanding what it was about the Civil War that attracted so many people.

I believe that through the stories of those who reenact, this documentary will help show why the Civil War is still important. I hope to understand their emotional ties and fascination to this devastating war. Ultimately, I hope to stir curiosity in someone who maybe didn’t know much about either reenacting or the Civil War and make a great character documentary.